Top 12 Facts About Joylne Cujoh You May Not Know

While the anime of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has only shown us the story of Giorno Giovanna so far, the manga has taken the story forward with three more parts of the franchise. The sixth one, titled JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean, introduces us to the next Joestar in line and it is none other than the daughter of Jotaro Kujo himself – Jolyne Cujoh.

Making history as the only female JoJo in the series, she is very prominent for being a unique protagonist that goes through a great deal of character development throughout the story and her complicated relationship with her father is something that touched a lot of fans. Her personality, strengths, stand powers, and flaws are very distinctive and set her apart from every Joestar that we had seen until that point, much like her predecessor Giorno Giovanna.

Naturally, when a character stands out this much and has such an intriguing history with the most recurring protagonists of the JoJo series – there is a lot to learn about them! Whether it’s facts you didn’t know or details that you may have missed, you can never go wrong with learning more about your favorite protagonists. So, here are the top 12 facts about Jolyne Cujoh that make her stand out!

In this article, you will learn these important facts about her:

  1. Why She Had to Be a Woman
  2. The Name of Her Stand
  3. Jolyne’s First Visit to a Prison
  4. She Does Not Like the JoJo Nickname
  5. The Story Behind Jolyne Kujo
  6. Her Stand is Activated by the Mysterious Arrow
  7. Her Unique String Abilities
  8. Her Catchphrase is a Throwback
  9. Why Jotaro Abandoned Her as a Child
  10. The Cause of Many Deaths
  11. Her Noble Sacrifice
  12. Rebooted Jolyne Cujoh

1. Why Jolyne Had to Be a Woman

    Why Jolyne Had to Be a Woman

    A fact not many people know about Giorno Giovanna is that series creator Hirohiko Araki originally intended for him to be the very first female JoJo in the series. However, to avoid potential issues with popularity the decision was taken back and Giorno was changed to a male character much like the previous Joestar protagonists.

    According to Hirohiko Araki’s editor for Stone Ocean Hideto Azuma, Araki was originally requested to change the gender of Jolyne from female to male so that there isn’t a potential popularity issue since the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine the series was published in is mainly targeted towards boys. Fortunately, this time Araki did not want to change his decision and said that if the readers wouldn’t accept a female JoJo protagonist then that is exactly why he should make one, because the female fans of JoJo deserve some love too.

    And thus, we finally had our first female Joestar protagonist in the face of Jolyne Cujoh and it all worked out in the end as she is one of the best-written characters in the franchise, and while people are divided over the ending of the Stone Ocean arc – the reception towards Jolyne’s character is mostly positive.

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    2. The Name of her Stand

    Stand Stone Free

    Similar to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable, which had half the name of the protagonist’s stand Crazy Diamond in the name of the story arc – Jolyne Cujoh’s stand does the same thing. Jolyne Cujoh’s stand is called Stone Free and the name of the story arc she’s a protagonist in is called Stone Ocean.

    Interestingly enough, Parts 4 and 6 are the only times this happened as Parts 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, and 8 have unique names that are unrelated to the protagonists and their stands. The closest another story arc came to that is when the localized version of Part 5’s anime adaption is called Golden Wind, which somewhat coincides with Giorno Giovanna’s stand Gold Experience.

    A rough guess about the reason here could be the fact the storylines of Parts 4 and 6 are very much centered around the protagonists themselves, while in other parts the story is usually more about the certain Joestars taking on something that is not personal towards them.

    3. Jolyne’s First Visit to a Prison

      Jolyne’s First Visit to a Prison

      Due to the absence of a fatherly figure, Jolyne Cujoh is a very rebellious teenager who hangs out with all the wrong kinds of people, such as biker gangs for example. This has put her in many complicated situations and the very first time she went to jail was when she was wrongfully accused of pickpocketing at the age of 14. Due to the police diverting their attention to her over a small quarrel regarding a lost wallet, Jolyne panics and steals a car to drive off in an attempt to escape.

      However, she’s eventually caught and is arrested for her criminal behavior. Fortunately, due to her jail and complicated family history, she is allowed release and becomes more careful from that point on. Even though she does not stop her delinquency, she does not end up in jail again until she is wrongfully framed for a hit and run in the beginning of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean.

      4. She Does Not Like the JoJo Nickname

        She Does Not Like the JoJo Nickname

        Something that was common with the different Joestar protagonists over the years was the fact that their names kind of resembled the JoJo nickname and then the story would have their friends and family refer to them with it. It still applies to Jolyne Cujoh as she has a ‘jo’ in both her first and last name, but she dislikes being called that nickname unlike the Joestar protagonists before her and only gives her mother a pass to call her that.

        It’s probably because she considers JoJo too cutesy to be called when her personality is very rebellious and brash. It could also be due to the fact Jotaro was called JoJo by those close to him as well and since she has resentment towards him over the abandonment, she might dislike the nickname due to that.

        5. The Story Behind Jolyne Kujo

          The Story Behind Jolyne Kujo

          The reason that Jolyne Cujoh’s last name is spelled ‘Cujoh’ instead of ‘Kujo’ is because of her dislike towards her father. She wants to be as distant from him as possible, so she changed the spellings of her last name legally from Kujo to Cujoh just to have a different looking name out of spite.

          A less-canon reason that fans assume often is that it might be a way to represent the fact she is a unique character with her own personality and shouldn’t just be seen as an extension of Jotaro Kujo. It is all very iconic though, as her catchphrase on the other hand subconsciously mimics that of her father.

          6. Her Stand is Activated by the Mysterious Arrow

            Her Stand is Activated by the Mysterious Arrow

            The mysterious Stand Arrow in the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series was something that was introduced in Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable and was eventually elaborated on and featured in some of the later parts as well. It originates from an unknown alien source and was originally in the form of rocks, and it caused a virus to spread that a few people could survive and the survivors would eventually gain Stand powers which we are all familiar with.

            The rocks were then shaped into the shape of an Arrow and were split in approximately six at the time, and were discovered by the antagonist of Part 4, Diavolo. Since then, they have been spread around and featured quite a few times in different storylines.

            Eventually, it ties into Part 6: Stone Ocean as Jotaro put a shard of the arrow inside a locket and gave it to Jolyne Cujoh’s mother, telling her to give it to Jolyne if she is ever in a lot of trouble. Her mother complies once Jolyne is framed for murder and thrown into the Green Dolphin Street Prison, and once she touches the shard it immediately awakens her stand for the first time – giving her the iconic Stone Free and all related abilities.

            7. Her Unique String Abilities

              The Stone Free stand offers the usual stand-based abilities to its user such as aiding them in battle with close-range skills and is also pretty fast. However, what greatly sets it apart is the fact it grants Jolyne Cujoh the ability to decompose her body in the form of strings. The strings can be used similarly to the webs of Spider-Man in a way without the disposable aspect, as she can form enough of them together to hold onto things or use them as an attack. However, there are additional abilities such as making them so sharp that they can cut through flesh, making them pick locks, and even listen to people by decoding the vibrations if she sends a string close to them.

              She can even create a bulletproof vest to guard herself from bullets with the strings, as well as capture enemies in a large net or tie them up together. And last but not least, she can even use the ability to stitch her wounds since it practically recreates those parts of her body. The only catch is that she can only unravel 70% of her body without harming herself and anything onward is dangerous – but she can form her body back quickly so it usually does not cause her any issues.

              It’s certainly one of the most unique stands in the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure franchise and grants Jolyne a great deal of agility and versatility.

              8. Her Catchphrase is a Throwback

                Her Catchphrase is a Throwback

                You must remember Jotaro Kujo’s iconic catchphraseYare Yare Daze’ which he says quite often in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Parts 3 and 4, and it translates to ‘Good grief’ in English. Jolyne Cujoh, despite not liking her father and trying to be different from her, has the same catchphrase in the feminine form which says ‘Yare Yare Dawa’.

                It means ‘good grief’ as well and can also be used similarly to ‘damn’ just like Jotaro’s ‘Yare Yare Daze’, but Jotaro uses the male form and Jolyne uses the feminine one. It’s just how proper Japanese grammar works and does not mean anything different.

                9. Why Jotaro Kujo Abandoned Jolyne Cujoh As a Child

                  Why Jotaro Kujo Abandoned Jolyne Cujoh As a Child

                  Jotaro Kujo grew up without a father, so one would expect him to understand the importance of having a father figure more than anyone else. Unfortunately, once his daughter Jolyne Cujoh was a few years old, he did the same thing as his father and left her and his wife all alone. Jolyne grew up resenting him as a result and tried to be as different from him as possible, leading a life full of delinquency and rebellion. Ironically enough, that kind of behavior at such an early age just made her more like him than not, but in her mind, this was her way of fighting back at his identity.

                  However, Jotaro’s reason for abandoning his wife and child are significantly different from what his father Sadao Kujo. Jotaro Kujo loved his daughter and wanted to live with her as a family, but due to his PTSD and knowledge of how many stand users related to Dio Brando still exist in the world – he could not feel at peace being so close to his family when anyone could try to kill him and his wife and child solely due to the fact that they are related to the Joestars.

                  As a result, Jotaro decided to distance himself from his family and never looked back, hoping that he can spend his time of loneliness to find and stop as many evil stand users that he can and believed that this will result in his family never having to suffer from any potential harm due to his lifestyle and history. He lied to them and never told them the truth, and his family just assumed he abandoned them for selfish reasons.

                  Unfortunately, none of this even worked out in the end as Enrico Pucci, Dio’s persistent follower, found his way into Jolyne Cujoh’s life anyway and started attempting to murder her every chance he could get ever since the false imprisonment begins. Jotaro could have just remained with his family and perhaps protected them even better.

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                  10. The Cause of Many Deaths

                    Jolyne The Cause of Many Deaths

                    Jolyne Cujoh’s story is extremely tragic, as she grows up without a father and spends most of her life in rebellious delinquency. However, her real troubles start when Enrico Pucci tries to kill her and she ends up in many different life-threatening situations trying to learn what is going on and hoping to put a stop to it.

                    Naturally, she had several people tag along with her in the journey and since she’s the protagonist, many people decided to protect from danger. Weather Report almost kills Enrico Pucci at one point, but dies because of an accidental distraction that Jolyne causes. Then she sees Narciso Anasui, Ermes Costello (Hermes), and Foo Fighters die trying to save her against the antagonist.

                    Then worst of all, Jotaro Kujo almost defeats Enrico Pucci as well but is distracted by a couple of knives flying towards her – and by saving her from the knives he is left vulnerable to Enrico’s attacks and is brutally murdered. She is the cause of her father’s death and has to watch him die right when they were finally beginning to make amends for the lost time.

                    Of course, it’s not exactly her fault that her father dies protecting her as Enrico is trying to kill her due to the fact that she’s Jotaro’s daughter, not the other way around, but it is still a fact that if it weren’t for protecting her, Jotaro had a perfect opportunity to put an end to Enrico for once and for all.

                    In the end, she is inadvertently the cause of all of her friends and father’s death because they just wanted to protect her and she has to live with that in the last moments of her life.

                    11. Her Noble Sacrifice

                      Jolyne Noble Sacrifice

                      Once she loses all of the people close to her at the hands of Enrico Pucci and his stand Made in Heaven, only Emporio Alniño is left standing alive besides her. The reboot process of the world had already begun and there was nothing left to do at that point as Jolyne lacked the power to defeat Enrico on her own. Eventually, she decides to sacrifice her life to protect the child and is brutally killed by Enrico as a result in her last stand.

                      This gives Emporio enough of a window to escape from certain death at the hands of Enrico, and he manages to finally put an end to the antagonist using the Weather Report stand that he had inherited throughout the storyline once its previous owner dies. It’s a tragic way to die but closed Jolyne’s story arc in a beautiful and honorable way – a death worthy of a Joestar.

                      Eventually, this allows the last reboot of the world to be one where everything goes back to normal and everyone who lived in the world to be the same without even really noticing that anything happened. The only people who were affected were those who were killed by Enrico directly – which includes Jolyne and Jotaro Kujo. The Joestars managed to save the world and it wont have to suffer from the presence of Dio Brando or his followers ever again, all thanks to Jolyne Cujoh’s ability to let go.

                      12. Rebooted Jolyne Cujoh (Irene)

                        Rebooted Jolyne Cujoh (Irene)

                        Once the world is rebooted back to its original state after Jolyne Cujoh dies to save Emporio Alniño’s life and he proceeds to kill Enrico Pucci – everyone that wasn’t directly killed by Enrico return to their original selves without even noticing that anything happened minus some of the time acceleration at best.

                        What happens to the people who died at the hands of Enrico is that their souls are transferred to identical ‘counterparts’ in the new universe and they are reborn without the tragedy or influence of Dio Brando’s evil in their lives. As a result, they are practically new people who have not seen tragedy in their lives and the rebooted counterpart of Jolyne Cujoh is called ‘Irene’ in this new universe and is visibly less punkish.

                        Unlike Jolyne, Irene is actually on good terms with her father and is seen taking her boyfriend Annakiss (who is a rebooted version of Narciso Anasui) to meet her father in hopes of winning his approval for marriage. This is a significantly major change to her life as it means Jotaro never had to abandon his family and most likely peacefully lived with them.

                        Unlike Irene, we never see this alternate version of Jotaro Kujo or know if his name is different as well in this new universe. Unfortunately, we will never get to know more about these characters because:

                        • The new universe established at the end of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean is not the same as the new universe established in Parts 7 and 8. The Steel Ball Run and JoJolion storylines are completely unrelated and take place in a different universe altogether. Thus, we won’t see Irene or the rebooted Jotaro make an appearance in the latest continuity.
                        • It is entirely possible that Jotaro Kujo and Jolyne Cujoh appear in the new continuity though, as we have already seen a new version of Josuke Higashikata and Yoshikage Kira in JoJolion.

                        Either way, this was the end of the road for Jotaro Kujo and everything that happened before and after his existence – and the world of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure that we knew from Parts 1 to 6 have been concluded.


                        That’s it for our 12 most interesting facts about Jolyne Cujoh that make her uniqueness stand out! We hope you were able to learn a few new things about her and if you knew all of these facts already – then congratulations, you’re a hardcore JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fan.

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