10 Facts about Giorno Giorno Giovanna

Ten Facts that make Giorno Giovanna Stand out as a Great Character

Giorno Giovanna is one of the most beloved characters from JoJo Part 5 Vento Aureo. He is a Gangstar, the 5th JoJo in the JoJo Bizarre Adventure series, your local next-door Mafioso, and the son of the famous Dio Brando.

So, let's take a look at some 10 interesting facts about our favorite Gangstar and see what he has in store for us. And if you want to have a look at Giorno Giovanna anime merchandise, check our Giorno Giovanna catalog.

10. His Hairstyle is Based on a Japanese Dessert

What makes Giorno Giovanna's Hairstyle stand out from the rest?

Bruno Licking Giorno Giovanna

Yes, you read that right, Giorno Giovanna's hairstyle is actually related to a famous Japanese dessert, the Chocolate Cornets. While that might be a flavorsome resemblance to have, Giorno Giovanna's hair was not always Yellow and swiftly turned golden when his stand awakened. This change also led him to adopt this flashy hairstyle that is now often used to refer to his character.

And especially in the Japanese audience, "@@@" is also used to refer to the handsome Gangstar, and it has essentially become the identity of Giorno Giovanna in Japan.

9. Giorno Giovanna is OP

Just How Strong is Giorno Giovanna?

Giorno Giovanna and his Stand

Giorno Giovanna's defining trait, his resolve, is unmatched in the series; but what makes Giorno by far the strongest character in all of anime is the Life-Giving Stand, The Golden Experience. This stand is able to give Life endlessly to any inanimate object, transform them into a living creature of Giorno's choosing, then Giorno can essentially create organs, manipulate Life in living creatures, heal endlessly, and even sense Life.

Then, on top of that, when Giorno's stand achieved Requiem and transformed into Golden Experienced Requiem; All the base abilities were greatly enhanced. Giorno gained the power to turn everything, every single action back to zero, and just sentencing his enemies into an endless loop of death transcending time, space, and any other such ability. This makes Giorno into an untouchable Behemoth of a character, to say the least.

8. The 5th most Loved JoJo Character by the Author Hirohiko Araki

Giorno makes it in the Top 5 characters loved by the Author.

JJBA Anime Josuke

In the early 2000sHirohiko Araki ranked his top 10 favorite characters, and there he gave Giorno Giovanna the 5th spot. This may even be a ploy by the Author since Giorno is the main focus of JoJo Part 5 Vento Aureo. Symbolizing that nobody could have been a better choice for JoJo part 5 after the JoJo Part 4 Diamond is Unbreakable, where Araki's most favorite character Josuke Higashikata took the spotlight. 

The Author loves to play such tricks and follow bizarre logic patterns, just like his long-running JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series.

7. I, Giorno Giovanna, was never Arrested

Has Giorno never been convicted?

Giorno Giovanna and the Guard

Despite being an actual Gangstar, a Mafioso, and the only actual Joestar actively breaking the Law, Giorno never truly got in trouble with the Cops. Besides him, every other Joestar, from Jonathan to JosephJotaro to Josuke, every Joestar, in some way or form was arrested or got in some kind of trouble with the law in one way or form.

But Giorno always got away with bribing them and never got himself arrested. Which is quite the hilarious take on the character. Even though there were many moments when Giorno could get arrested, but those only lead to a questionable moment, and he just never got in sort of legal trouble.

6. Giorno Loves Rock

What are some of Giorno Giovanna Favorites?

Giorno Giovanna and Gold Experience

If anyone had any shred of a doubt after Giorno references that he wants to be a Gangstar and his clothes are just as Metal as one can get; Yes, Giorno Giovanna loves Rock’n’roll. His favorite musician is actually the legendary guitarist, Jeff Beck who played with Yardbirds and is active to this day.

Besides Rock, Giorno is, of course, a fashionista like other JoJo characters. And is quite fond of chocolate pudding and Octopus Salad. Which is quite a weird combination to go with.

5. His Real Name is not Giorno Giovanna

What is the Real name of Giorno Giovanna?

Giorno Giovanna Pose

As many JoJo Fans would have missed at the start of Vento AureoGiorno Giovanna's actual name is "Haruno Shiobana." He is a Japanese Italian, where his mother is Japanese. She married an Italian man when Giorno was 4 years old and then moved over to Italy.

This was the time when the little Haruno changed his name to Giorno and essentially changed his whole identity to that of an Italian.

But this is not the only name change that Giorno went through; in Fugo's novel, the young gangster went on with an alias, GioGio

4. The Joestar Heritage:

Is Giorno Giovanna, Jonathan Joestar's Son or Dio Brando's Son?

Giorno Giovanna in Fight

While the origin of many anime characters is shrouded in mystery and confusion, none even come close to that of Giorno Giovanna. While we know for a fact that his actual father is Dio, but Dio conceived Giorno in a one-night stand with Jonathan's body.

Because of that, Giorno is actually a Joestar and genetically Jonathan's son, but on a spiritual plane, his powers and personality have a lot of hints of Dio Brando hidden away that we will get into in our next point.

3. Giorno has a lot of similarities with Dio:

What makes Giorno Giovanna soo similar to Dio?

Giorno x Dio

Despite never having met his father, Giorno Giovanna has a lot of traits and even charisma that we have previously observed in Dio.

Especially when our Gangstar starts a fight, his Stand Cry is in line with his father's, "Muda Muda Muda," and he even used "Wryyy" in his finisher move against Cioccolata.

And the resemblance does not stop here; Giorno's facial features and even expressions match to that of Dio's, where he appears calm, kind, and extremely friendly, but behind that facade, a lot is happening where the character is far from being calm, to say the least.

2. Giorno Respects His Father, Dio Brando:

Did Giorno actually know about Dio?

Dio Brando in the wallet of Giorno

Having never met his father, as previously mentioned, Giorno does not know that much about Dio. Still, because of the innate kindness of the Joestar family, Giorno is curious about him and respects his father. He knows that he is the son of Dio Brando and even carries a picture of him in his purse everywhere he goes.

Giorno treasures the picture, and although it is not that well explained in the manga or in the anime, how much he actually knows about Dio. But from his actions and the way he carries his picture in his purse, it is clear that he does not know a lot about the dead vampire. And that leads us to our next point. 

1. Giorno Giovanna is not entirely evil:

Is Giorno Giovanna evil or a good guy?

Giorno Giovanna in Black

Giorno Giovanna is a Gangstar, and he may even try to scam you or steal your wallet, but he is far from being evil. While his father is technically Dio, as previously explained, he is genetically the son of Jonathan and has the Joestar blood running through his veins.

This, combined with his early childhood experience where he saved a local mafioso, which made Giorno innately righteous. And he is far from being malevolent. 

Still, some of his punishments against his enemies, even tho deserved, go above and beyond anything they ever did. Especially the death of Diavolo, where he gets stuck in an endless loop of deaths for eternity, is extremely cruel for anyone to go through. So, Giorno is not entirely evil; he just acts when he has to and goes a bit beyond to punish his foes.

Bonus Facts about other JoJo characters:

Josuke Higashikata is often referred with "Hamburger Patty."

Why Japanese Fans refer to Josuke Higashikata as a Hamburger Patty?

Josuke Higashikata

We have seen this with Giorno Giovanna above in the main list where his because hair, the Japanese fans relate him to Chocolate Cornets and even refer to him with "@@@." Which is kind of understandable, but with Josuke here, things get even more Bizarre. Because of his unique, delinquent hairstyle, Josuke is often called "Hamburger Patty" by the Japanese audience.

Jotaro Kujo and his unique hat

Is Jotaro's hat actually his hair?

Jotaro Kujo Hat

No, Jotaro's hat is not actually his hair. And no, anime is not being weird again. Contrary to popular opinion, his hat just has a damaged brim, which makes his hair stand out weirdly from the back. And since the color of the hat is the same as his hair color, it gives off the impression that Jotaro Kujo's hair is actually attached to his hat, which is not the case at all.

Look at our amazing article of Jotaro Kujo!

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